First Night Alone

August 19, 2017

Family Life


No nothing bad has happened before i get everyone worried.

Ash has gone off to a stag do in Newquay.

It’s his first time away from the kids and me for a few years now and the last time it was me going away for a hen do. Back then i felt awful leaving them and was going back and forward should i, shouldn’t i go. In the end i had a fab time. I think because of that its made tonight feel a bit better. To the point where i’m not really worried about him going away for the night, and he did promise me there was going to be no strippers!!

Does anyone else get like this or is it just me? Do i worry too much over little things? Is it bad?

I’ve been playing it cool and letting him text me even though i’ve been dying to find out whats going on. So they went to an assault course type of thing, a bit like “It’s a knockout”. Remember watching that on tv? well this one is on a lake.
The day part i was never worried over, only at night. I cant even put my finger on what it is i don’t like. But as i said i’m nowhere near as bad as i use to be.

I’m in bed at the moment, Myles is having a sleepover at his Nan’s and i managed to get Ella off to sleep first time. I made sure i stuck to her nap routine like glue because lately she’s become very clingy over me. If i’m not in sight she starts to have a mini melt down. So bedtimes have been getting harder but we have figured out that if she is super tired she doesn’t have enough energy to be bothered to moan about it. As for me i cant sleep, i think i’m just gonna have to be a bit like Ella and be so tired i cant keep thinking of it and ill just go to sleep in the end.

It’s weird, theres so many things that Ash does that i don’t even think of. Like locking the front door, i totally forgot ! How bad is that?! So after sneaking downstairs to lock it, then dart up again as if theres something behind me. AHH freaks me out every time, i’m now safely tucked up in bed. Just had a text to say he’s fine and good night so i guess that my cue to try and sleep.

I think i’m getting into this blogging thing, starting to feel really good to get this nonsense out of my head and onto “paper”. Let me know what you think down below. Good night xx

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